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03 August 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Manuel Antonio- YAY.  
Tuesday after class we went to the inter-American Court of justice in San Jose- which is an international court for the countries in the Americas that have submitted to its jurisdiction. One of the lawywers that worked there gave us a rundown on how the court worked, what they did, etc. Next Thursday we are returning to watch a trial. Super Excited.

After that Micah, Ja-mes, Jenna, Dorian, Justin, Nicole and I went to a couple of bars in San Jose and stayed in the city until about 10:30 or so.

On Wednesday after class Jenna, Micah, Nicole, Ja-mes, Laura and I got in a van to Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio is a beach town on the pacific side of Costa Rica. It was beautiful. It was water-sand-jungle with nothing in between. Also-Infested with MONKEYS! There is a national park there to hike around in- but we were all about the beach. On Wednesday night after finding a hotel to stay in, we went out to dinner at a restuarant pretty much right on the sand and had some great food and drinks. Then we went to an adjacent town called Caipus (sp) to a bar Chock full of American's douches. Only redeeming quality was that it was "lady's night" so women drank for free (so long as one's drinking ambitions included tampico and bacardi or vodka) After that, Micah, Luara, Ja-mes and I swam in the 24 hour hotel pool-- (which all hotel pools should be).

The next morning we woke up early and hit the beach- Every so often- some guy with a car full of coconuts came by- Micah (in what I can only image was the best idea he's ever had) suggested we buy a bottle of rum and mix it with the coconut milk. It was fantastic.
In the afternoon, Micah and I rented a kayak and kayaked out to one of the islands we could see. On the way there- Micah (in maybe the 2nd best idea Micah's had) suggested we paddle very quickly between these two huge rocks jetting out of the ocean--with waves very angrily smashing between them. It was probably not too safe- but I figure- if I'm going to risk death- best do it accompanied by a Marine... If anything went wrong- I'm sure his super ninja training would have kicked in and saved me.

After a wash off swim at the hotel pool, Nicole, Laura, Ja-mes and I got in a van back to Ciudad Colon.