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07 August 2008 @ 06:56 am
paseporte gringo  
So the next day- Monday...I brilliantly left my purse on the bus stop before school. When I informed Pablo (the coordinator at UPEACE) he went into full aramgeadon mode-- there was a multi-man team on it-- phone calls to the police stations, the taxi driver dispatchers, my host family to see if I had by some miracle left the paseporte gringo en mi sala....I had not....then phone call to U Peaces lawyer to see if I had to be deposed by the Costa Rican FBI (apparently Passport selling is a serious problem in Costa Rica)....then finally a phone call to the US Embassy. (all the while I was on the phone canceling my credit cards and my cellphone). I still had my hopes on the police station--since the busstop was right next to the police station--but Pablo told me that if the police found my bag- they would have stolen my passport too....My professor (Cesare) was in a taxi cab when the information was dispatched... later that day micah took a taxi--and the Taxi driver mentioned to him that an american had lost her pasaporte gringo...I was famous!

Then a driver from U Peace drove Pablo and I down to the US Embassy. The whole way there Pablo was predicting that it would take forever and be a big mess ...and talking about where I could stay while they processed my passport (like thinking it would take weeks)... We got to the embassy (which remarkably--the people working security at the embassy--no english..surprising)... I pushed the button that said Passport services---and as a Pushed it a voice over the PA announced that they were now serving the number that had just been printed out on my ticket... anyway-- they would have printed me a new passport that day but the system where they make sure Im an actual citizen was down- so I had to come back tuesday morning and pick it up. All in all- I'd say i spent a combined 20 minutes in the US Embassy. Much easier to get a new passport than one would think.... Micah is currently looking into how he might capitalize on this fact by selling his own passport before the trip is over.. :) Since I don't have a picture of my passport being left behind-- I'll post a white water rafting picture.